Mr Nice Cannabis Seeds


mr nice cannabis seedsAdministered by the highly respected marijuana geneticist, the man known as Shantibaba, the Mr Nice cannabis seed bank includes a few experienced marijuana geneticists and cannabis experts with continuous advice and encouragement from most well known marijuana smuggler from Wales, marijuana liberalization campaigner Mr Nice himself – Howard Marks.

Combined you have a lot of expertise and good judgment when it comes to developing some of the finest marijuana strains on the planet.

Many of the the Mr Nice seed-bank strain have gone on to win praise and awards such as the Shark Shock, Black Widow, and Critical Mass.

The principle mission behind Mr Nice seed-bank is to both preserve the genetics of the great strains, combine them to produce super strains and get them out around the world so that other4s can enjoy the fruit of their labours.

To facilitate this they grow their plants in tightly sealed indoor rooms to avoid the contamination of stray pollen. What this means for you the grower is that when you order seeds from the Mr Nice seed bank you know you are getting the pure strains that produce the goods just as they were bred to. No unpleasant surprises with Mr Nice seeds. A predictable harvest of some of the best marijuana in the world can be expected every time.

Growing killer weed with Mr Nice seeds is easy to do. All the strains are robust and predictable and can be grown indoors or outside. For the Mr Nice Seed Bank, only the best will do. You can plant these seeds with confidence.

Click on the pictures below for more information about Mr Nice cannabis seed strains.

g13 white widow

G13 Widow

eary queen marijuana

Early Queen

ash cannabis mr nice


black widow mr nice marijuana

Black Widow

Critical Haze

critical mass mr nice seeds

Critical Mass

devil cannabis mr nice


afghan haze mr nice seed bank

Afghan Haze

shark shock mr nice cannabis seeds

Shark Shock

g13 skunk cannabis seeds

G13 Skunk