ACE Regular and Feminised Seeds

A.C.E. Seeds Marijuana BreedersA.C.E. Seeds are expert breeders but ones with a mission! With the alarming loss of biodiversity all over the planet – including the gradual loss of pure strains of cannabis – ACE Seeds have set themselves to collecting and cultivating unique wild cannabis strains from all over the world.

ACE Seeds thus offer pure, and fresh genetics from their own private collection of fine Sativa strains. ACE Seeds genetics are exclusive and limited in stock, so you won’t find these anywhere else.

Browse below a selection of their high quality regular/standard and feminised seeds.

Several of their strains, such as Bangi Haze and Nepal Jam, are particularly well adapted for cold and wet climates – great for Northern Europe. Click on a pic for info and/or to buy.

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Ace Feminised Seeds

ACE Seeds Feminized Marijuana Mix

Ace Feminised Mix

Ace Seeds Orient Express Feminzed Marijuana Seeds

Orient Express

Ace Seeds Feminized Zamaldelica Marijuana Seeds









Ace Regular (Standard) Seeds

Ace Seeds Bangi Haze Standard Marijuana Seeds

Bangi Haze

A.C.E. Seeds Golden Tiger Standard Marijuana Seeds

Golden Tiger

A.C.E. Seeds Green Haze Thai Standard Marijuana Seeds

Green Haze Thai

Ace Seeds Nepal Jam Standard Marijuana Seeds

Nepal Jam

Ace Seeds Orient Express Standard Marijuana Seeds

Orient Express

Ace Seeds Zamaldelica Marijuana Seeds