Free Seeds

Free Cannabis Seeds

Where can I get free cannabis seeds?

How to get free cannabis seeds is actually quite easy. Several top Amsterdam seed banks give away free cannabis seeds with every order, or almost every order, when you order from them online.


Where to get free cannabis seeds online

free marijuana seedsAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds currently give five free cannabis seeds with every order over €100 (about £86 or $112). These are usually five feminized seeds all of the same sort, and which type they are changes every few weeks.

Click here for more details: AMS free marijuana seeds


Nirvana SeedsNirvana Seeds used to give ten free cannabis seeds with every order. But as of 2017, they no longer do this.

However, they do offer 50% discounts on several seed strains – which strains are discounted changes quite frequently. And they also generally have the cheapest cannabis seed prices, with packs of give regular seeds starting from €15 / £14 / $18 and packs of five feminized or autoflower seeds starting from €30 / £28 / $36.


free marijuana seeds from Paradise SeedsAs well as seed banks which regularly offer free marijuana seeds with every order, some seed banks have occasional promotions of free seeds.

For example, most months Paradise Seeds give free seeds with most orders. The current deal is one free seed with every order.


Can I get free cannabis seeds without purchase?

Well, that’s trickier. None of the top seed banks give free seeds with no purchase. You do have to place an order to get your freebies.

That’s not to say you won’t find free cannabis seeds given out online but if you want to get good quality free cannabis seeds – seeds which will actually germinate and grow into healthy plants – then your best bet is to go for the free marijuana seeds from the seed banks recommended above.