Shark Shock Mr Nice seeds

shark shock mr nice cannabis seedsShark Shock grows into a densely compacted white skunk with an intoxicating smell and an extremely pleasurable high when smoked. The product of crossing White Widow with the Skunk #1, Shark Shock is mainly Indica marijuana that develops hairs ranging in colour and shining with sticky potent resin crystals.

Shark Shock buds are dense and heavy on strong and uniform branches. If grown to full size, it can get as large as 2.5 metres in height and widens to a traditional evergreen shape. Indoors, the standard height is around 150 nice seeds shark shock

This plant will produce awesome finger hash and is known for its fruity flavour and intense stone when smoked.

Shark Shock cannabis seeds make a great choice for growing indoors. It has a flowering cycle of 40-45 days that can yield up to 500-600+ grams per plant.

Outside, this strain is ready to harvest in late September or early October; (southern hemisphere March to early April).

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