White Widow Seeds

White Widow cannabis seeds – Amsterdam’s favourite

White Widow seeds produce this!White Widow was developed in The Netherlands through specialised crossbreeding in the mid 1990’s. It quickly became very popular in Dutch coffeeshops and White Widow seeds have spread from there around the world.


White Widow is a very strong marijuana strain bred from amazing Sativa cannabis varieties sourced from Brazil and India, giving it a 25% Sativa to 75% Indica ratio.

The tag ‘White Widow’ comes from the fact that it delivers large sticky crystals on the buds that makes the entire plant glisten as it approaches harvest time.

White Widow is usually grown indoors or in a greenhouse and enjoys a robust flowering cycle of 8 weeks. However, it can be grown outdoors in lower latitudes, below 45 north or south, and then it finishes in late October.

This is the perfect marijuana strain for people intent on growing some awesome marijuana that gives a strong but well-balanced buzz when smoked.

It’s relatively easy to grow and has a good reputation for a happy Sativa high with a element of hash-like Indica body-buzz. Cannabis aficionados say it combines the best of both worlds :D. It is also used as a medicinal herb given that it’s known to reduce or eliminate many chronic pains.

Here are some facts about the famous White Widow:

  • The White Widow strain has one of the most highest THC-content buds in the world.
  • It can be difficult to see the buds when they are covered in THC crystals!
  • White Widow produces a very potent high with a smooth, satisfying taste.
  • White Widow is the champion of champions cup winner many years running.
  • Top yield, top taste, top value – it’s the favourite strain of professional growers world over.


Why White Widow remains the most popular marijuana strain to grow

white widow seedsWhite Widow is well known as being one of the top strains of cannabis available. If you can get White Widow seeds you are ready to grow some awesome mind-blowing weed.

(A note to names – being such a popular cannabis seed strain, the name White Widow has some variations, such as White Widdow, and White Window.)

White Widow has been developed by professional marijuana breeders in Holland and this breed continues to win cannabis cups since to this day.

So what are the main qualities of White Widow? It has a delicious fruity flavour due to the copious amount of crystals. This also means some flying high effects when smoked. You’ll have to try it for yourself to know what I mean. 🙂

White Widow gets saturated in white THC crystals like a light snow when it moves in to its flowering cycle.

You have to see it to believe it – sticky white crystals approaching harvest time, time for drying, bagging and smoking :).

White Widow gets almost gooey when flowering and and if you touch the buds you will stick to it – not a bad feeling. Now smell your fingers…

You really have to grow, smell, touch and smoke it to appreciate this fine cannabis strain.

The lovely smell of White Widow becomes sweet after the first whiff. It’s an aroma that keeps you’ll just want more of. And after smoking White Widdow you’ll sense a pleasant feeling of a creeping stone as it slowly swallows you in a vibrating buzz, beginning in your head and working its way down your body.


White Widow Growing Details

White Window makes an idea plant for indoor growth. With twelve hour light cycles you can let it flower from 8 to 10 weeks. Best to lower the light cycle down to 8 hours for the last two weeks before harvesting so that it gets super strong and tasty.

This method light cycle control results in very sticky white crystal buds of high potency – the stuff you want.

  • White Widow seeds are perfect for growing indoors
  • The strain has 20% – 25% THC content (the most potent weed on the planet some say)
  • White Widow yields up to 1 lb (450 grams+) per plant of potent smoking bud
  • 10 White Widow regular seeds would yield approximately 3,000 grams of potent dried bud
  • 10 White Widow feminized seeds would yield approximately 6,000 grams

white widdow


Where to Buy White Widow Seeds

Price comparison tables are given below for buying White Widow seeds from the best seedbanks. You can buy from any of these seedbanks, knowing that you’re getting genuine and fresh cannabis seeds seeds every time.

White Widow seeds are available in regular or feminized forms from most seedbanks. White Widow auto-fem seeds are available from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

Just click on the orange buttons below for more information and/or to order White Widow cannabis seeds.

By the way, these seedbanks also often have special offers on so bear this in mind when you’re considering prices and choosing who to buy from. For example, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds currently give you five free seeds when you spend €100 or over.

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White Widow price comparison – regular seeds
White Widow regular seeds.
Seed BankSales & DeliveryPriceinfo/order
I Love Growing Marijuanaplanet earthWorldwide delivery
Free shipping for Europe & USA
10 seeds for €79
planet earthFree shipping worldwide
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10 seeds for €73
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10 seeds for €20
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Shipping €7.50

10 seeds for €41
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Free shipping
10 seeds for €17.50


White Widow price comparison – feminized seeds
White Widow feminised seeds
Seed BankSales & DeliveryPriceOrder
I Love Growing Marijuanaplanet earthWorldwide delivery
Free shipping for Europe & USA
5 seeds $89
10 seeds $119
+ 10 White Widow feminised
seeds for free
planet earthFree shipping worldwide
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5 seeds for $75
10 seeds for $135
20 seeds for £240
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5 seeds for €25
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1 seed €15.00
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10 seeds €108.00
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5 seeds $46.20
10 seeds $77
EU flagEuropean Union only
Free shipping
1 seed €6.50
3 seeds €15.90
5 seeds €23.00
10 seeds €44.00


White Widow price comparison – autoflowering feminized seeds
White Widow autoflower seeds
Seed BankSales & DeliveryPriceOrder
EU flag European Union only
Shipping €7.50
1 seed €9.00
3 seeds €23.00
5 seeds €37.00
10 seeds €72.00
I Love Growing Marijuanaplanet earth Worldwide delivery
Free shipping for Europe & USA
5 seeds €89
10 seeds €119 (+10 seeds free)
planet earth Free shipping worldwide
20% discount for Bitcoin payment

Currently not shipping to Australia or New Zealand
5 seeds $60
10 seeds $108
20 seeds $192


white widow marijuana seedsDisclaimer: It is legal to buy, sell, give, receive and possess White Widow cannabis seeds in the UK. It is illegal to grow, harvest or sell White Widow marijuana in the UK.

All references to White Window growth and harvest are for information and entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse illegal activities in any shape or form. We sell White Widow cannabis seeds as a legitimate law abiding service.

You may wish to purchase White Widow seeds for the purpose of helping preserve the genetic heritage of this amazing strain without the intent of growing White Widow in the UK.