Automatic AK74 (now Auto AK47)

Auto AK 47 (Auto AK 74 no longer available)

automatic ak 47 xtrm seeds (not automatic ak74)AK74 was the hybrid created by a cross of the infamous AK47 with the auto-flowering genes of the “invisible marijuana plant”, Lowryder. AK74 combined the best of both these strains.

This strain was originally sold via but is no longer available.

Don’t despair however, because Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have developed Automatic AK 47 XTRM. Probably even better than Automatic AK74.

Auto AK 47 XTRM is a cross of AK 47 with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ White Widow XTRM. XTRM stands for “extreme” and this Auto AK 47 is extreme – extremely quick growing, extremely high yielding (for an auto), and extremely potent.

Automatic means that the strain begins to develop buds, and continues to grow buds throughout its life cycle regardless of daylight/night ratios. This means you can pretty much grow it wherever you want – patios, balconies, window sills, boxes, outside, inside, etc..

Like Auto AK 74, Auto AK 47 XTRM is strong and compact plant – hardy enough to grow outdoors and squat enough to hide – good for guerilla growing – although its smell can be powerful to keep that in mind.

Like Auto AK 74, Auto AK47 XTRM will also do well indoors and doesn’t require much space, staying at under 50cm tall.

Auto AK47 XTRM is actually slightly quicker to mature than Auto AK74. In just two months after planting these Auto AK47 cannabis seeds you will be able to harvest. If you are growing indoors there’s no reason why you could keep the plant growing indefinitely with harvests of potent bud every couple of weeks.

And harvests of Auto AK 47 XTRM are hefty for an automatic – up to 500 grams per square metre of grow space.

So it’s possible to harvest thousands of grams per year per plant using this method. Could you smoke that much? 😉

If you’re interested in growing auto-flowering marijuana and enjoying a never ending harvest of great smoking weed than AK47 XTRM seeds are possibly the best cannabis seeds for this purpose – giving steady heavy yields all year around.

As for effect, Auto AK 47 XTRM is far more potent than Automatic AK74. THC content is well over 20% and CBD (Cannabidiol) levels are high as well, meaning it’s a powerful medical marijuana.

As an Indica dominant strain, Auto AK 47 XTRM gives you a strong relaxing body stone with an uplifting tone due to its Mexican Sativa influence.

AK47 XTRM is available as regular and feminized cannabis seeds, as well as automatic feminized seeds.

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Disclaimer: It is legal to buy, sell, give, receive and possess Automatic AK74 cannabis seeds in the UK. It is illegal to grow, harvest or sell marijuana in the UK.

All references to marijuana growth and harvest are for information and entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse illegal activities in any shape or form. We sell Automatic AK74 cannabis seeds or Auto AK 47 XTRM seeds as a legitimate law abiding service.