Hash Passion

hash passion cannabis seed seedsmanIf you like hash you will love this strain. Hash Passion is a special hybrid developed by London-based Seedsman for the hash heads out there.

This strain smells like hash, it tastes like hash, and yes, it has the effects of hash – with a great stone reminiscent of Moroccan hash. After all, this strain has been bred from pure Indica Moroccan strains.

Hash Passion is a very resiny plant – dripping and oozing with it. You can dry the buds and smoke them as is, or use the plant to make some awesome hash. Either way you will be very pleased.

Great for growing indoors if grow space is limited because this strain only grows up to 50 cm high.

A hardy plant, Hash Passion also grows well outdoors

Don’t let its short stature fool you however. This bushy strain with thick tight buds all over has to be seen to be believed.

After a short 7 week flowering period Hash Passion delivers at least 350+ grams per plant. That’s damn good for a shorty :-).

With a THC content of around 18%, Hash Passion will have you flying after a couple of puffs.

For a small easy to grow plant that makes your own little hash factory, it doesn’t get much better than Hash Passion cannabis seeds.

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hash passion seeds


Disclaimer: It is legal to buy, sell, give, receive and possess Hash Passion cannabis seeds in the UK. It is illegal to grow, harvest or sell marijuana in the UK.

All references to Hash Passion marijuana growth and harvest are for information and entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse illegal activities in any shape or form. We sell Hash Passion seeds as a legitimate law-abiding service.