California Skunk

california skunk cannabis seedsCalifornia Skunk is a fine blend between ‘Californian orange flavoured’ strains and potent Skunk.

Although the smoke enjoys a hash-like flavour the effects are more Sativa-like – happy, energetic, cerebral high.

The mature buds enjoy a high THC content of 10% to 15% and yields over 500 grams per sq metre.

An Indica/Sativa mix, California Skunk would be considered an indoor plant for the UK and Ireland as it needs much warmer climates (like that of California!) for outdoor growing.

It grows to a height of 40 – 60 cm making it suitable for small grow spaces. The flowering period lasts 9 to 10 weeks. And the harvest is hefty – 500g per square metre indoors or out.

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Californian Skunk seeds


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