Barney’s Farm Auto Flowering and Feminised Seeds

Barney's Farm - Cannabis Seeds from Amsterdam

Barney’s Farm Seed Company is a team of experienced Amsterdam-based breeders, renowned for creating unique and high quality cannabis strains.

Barney’s Farm founder, Derry, spent several years in Asia and the Middle East, gathering and cultivating indigenous cannabis landraces, and since then Barney’s Farm has become a research lab for collecting and creating fine and rare strains of marijuana.

Barney’s Farm has won numerous prizes internationally for the stability and quality of its strains and seeds, and Barney’s Farm breeders continue to research and collect rare cannabis genetics from all over the world, in their quest for unlimited innovation in marijuana breeding.

Browse their most popular strains below – feminized and autofem strains. Just click on a pic for info and/or to buy Barney’s Farm seeds.

Acapulco Gold Feminized Marijuana Seeds from Barney's Farm

Acapulco Gold

Barney's Farm seeds Amnesia Lemon Feminized

Amnesia Lemon

Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Blue Cheese

Barney's Farm Critical Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Critical Kush

Little Cheese Automatic Feminized Marijuana Seeds Barney's Farm

Little Cheese Auto

LSD Feminized Marijuana Seeds from Barney's Farm


pineapple express feminised marijuana seeds from Barney's Farm

Pineapple Express Auto

Red Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds Barney's Farm

Red Diesel

sweet tooth medical marijuana seeds

Sweet Tooth


Please Note: In most countries, including the UK, it is legal to trade and possess Barney’s Farm seeds. In many countries however, it is against the law to cultivate Barney’s farm marijuana. We provide information on Barney’s Farm cannabis seeds as a law-abiding service.

We do not endorse the cultivation of Barney’s Farm feminized seeds where it is illegal to do so. In jurisdictions where it is illegal to cultivate Barney’s Farm feminized or autofem marijuana we provide growing information and advice purely for scientific and entertainment purposes. Please check your local laws before germinating Barney’s Farm feminized or automatic seeds.