Pineapple Express Auto Flowering Feminised Seeds


pineapple expressYou’ve seen the movie – now you can get the cannabis seeds and grow your own.

Pineapple Express is an Indica-dominant super-hybrid of various strains including White Widow.

You can grow Pineapple Express indoors or out, get huge harvests wherever you grow it, and harvest it outdoors as early as September.

So what’s Pineapple Express really like?

– High Quality
– Big Yield (600 – 900 grams per square metre)
– Fast Flowering (flowering period 8-10 weeks)
– High resin content
– Potent mental and physical highs (up to 20% THC)
– Medicinal benefits (high in CBD as well as THC)
– Great taste (fruity!)

Pineapple Express is high-grade cannabis, available in automatic and feminized forms.

Auto-flowering‘ means it will start to grow buds soon after germination and continue to produce buds throughout its life cycle, regardless of light and dark cycles – which means you get to do some ‘testing’ as it grows :D.

Feminised‘ means that all the seeds will grow into female cannabis plants – the ones that produce the buds that get you high ;).

Grow “the dopest dope ever smoked”!

For fast, discreet delivery direct from Amsterdam, click the buttons below (packs of 5 and 20 seeds are also available):

Get 10 Pineapple Express auto-fem seeds for €76.50 (approx. £67 or $87)

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Get 10 Pineapple Express feminized seeds for €81 (approx. £70 or $91)

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Notice: Buying and selling Pineapple Express marijuana seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions. The growing of Pineapple Express marijuana is tolerated in some countries provided it is for personal use.

Some countries have legislation prohibiting the cultivation of Pineapple Express marijuana unless permits are obtained beforehand. Other countries have very restrictive legislation that attempts to prevent any of its citizens from Pineapple Express growing marijuana for any purpose whatsoever.

We do not claim to be specialized in the marijuana legislation field and if you have any doubts regarding laws on marijuana cultivation where you live we suggest you contact the appropriate authorities for clarification. We do not support in any way whatsoever the breaking of laws.

We provide a law-abiding service informing the pubic about the characteristics and qualities of various marijuana strains and provide access to Pineapple Express marijuana seeds to anyone over the age of 18.