White Widow Feminised Seeds

Greenhouse Seed Co White Widow Feminized Marijuana SeedsWhite Widow is a classic strain but Green House Seed Co.’s White Widow is one of the best – yet another of their prize-winning super-strong white strains, loved by recreational and medicinal users the world over.

White Widow is an Indica-Sativa hybrid and is great for growing indoors, and is particularly good for SCRoG systems.

It’s actually one of the easiest cannabis plants to grow and has become pretty much the most popular indoor strain (click here for more information on White Widow).

Outdoors, White Widow is good in mild, temperate climates, and it flowers in 8-9 weeks, meaning it can be harvested by the end of September in the northern hemisphere.

All Green House Seed Co.’s white strains produce large resinous buds, but White Widow produces epic amounts of whiter than white crystal-covered buds and leaves, which have to be seen to be believed.

Indoor yields can reach up to 800g per sq. metre, and outdoors up to 900g per plant – not as massive a yield as Greenhouse Seeds’ other white strains, like White Rhino, but pretty substantial nonetheless.

All those THC crystals give Greenhouse Seeds’ White Widow a lovely fruity taste, and high THC content of almost 19% and the effect is a combination of a relaxed Indica buzz with a Sativa high bursting through. Fast-acting, long-lasting, and extremely pleasant.

White Widow is a worldwide favourite with professional growers, recreational and medicinal users alike. As such, stocks can run out quickly….

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White Widow feminised seeds

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cannabis seeds disclaimerPlease Note: In most countries, including the UK, it is legal to trade and possess White Widow Feminised cannabis seeds. In many countries however, it is against the law to cultivate marijuana. We provide information on White Widow Feminised cannabis seeds as a law-abiding service. We do not endorse the cultivation of White Widow Feminised marijuana where it is illegal to do so. In jurisdictions where it is illegal to cultivate marijuana we provide growing information and advice purely for scientific and entertainment purposes. Please check your local laws before germinating White Widow Feminised cannabis seeds.

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