Cloud #9 Feminised Seeds

cloud 9 feminised cannabis seeds dinafemCloud 9 is an Indica-dominant hybrid combining the potent and fast growing characteristics of Critical with Haze. (See a close cousin of this breed from the Mr Nice Seedbank Critical Haze).

The world famous Dinafem cannabis seeds bank in Amsterdam has created a real winner with Cloud 9 increasing the psychoactive ingredients of this tasty herb while keeping its growing and maturing  time to a short enough period for this strain to be grown outdoors even in high latitudes.

A 9 to 10 week flowering cycle means that Cloud 9 cannabis can be harvested by mid-October.

Cloud 9 is a breed known not for its potency and awesome effects when smoked but also as a very tasty herb that can be a pleasure to smoke. The THC content weighs in at between 12% to 19%.

A fast growing strain full of vigour, Cloud 9 produces highly resinous buds, large and dense covering then cone shaped plant. Weighty harvests are possible with this strain with takes of 450 grams plus recorded when grown outdoors.

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Critical Haze

Mr Nice Seedbank – Critical Haze

mr nice cannabis seeds critical hazeCritical Haze is a hybrid formed from to killer strains – Critical Mass and Afghan Haze. Now you can get those soaring uplifting highs made famous by the Reggae movement fav – Haze – but in the form of massive dense resin dripping buds of Hash plants and Critical Mass volume. Sweet :D.

Known for its lovely fruity taste and smell (not to mention the effects :)), Critical Haze can be grown indoors, greenhouse or outside although for more the UK and area it’s best kept indoors. With a 8 to 10 week flowering cycle the risk of mould developing in a damp growing season is to great.

Critical Haze over-delivers with 400 to 500 grams of potent buds per plant possible if well tended for. The effect when smoked is a well balanced blend between its relaxing body stone Indica background and the cerebral social high of its Sativa influence. This weed is loved by all. THC content weighs in at around 15% and up.

18 pack of Critical Haze cannabis seeds for £70.49

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cannabis seeds ukDue to restrictive legislation, these seeds cannot be sent to the USA. If you are from the States and want a fast delivery of high grade cannabis seeds direct from Amsterdam click the link: Nirvana Seeds

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