Royal Cheese Feminised Seeds

Royal Queen Royal Cheese Feminized MarijuanaThe Royal Cheese strain was developed in London from an original skunk #1, and turned out so smelly that they named it cheese….

Since then it’s become loved worldwide, and now Royal Queen Seeds have created this feminised version.

A mix of Indica and Sativa, Royal Cheese will grow to 1.5 metres tall indoors and tower well over 2 metres tall outdoors. It can be grown outdoors most places, including Northern Europe, although bud quality is better if grown indoors.

The only downside is the smell… You’ll need a carbon filter indoors, and the smell will still radiate…

It’s a great producer, however, yielding up to 550g per square metre indoors, and can be harvested either after 8 weeks of flowering for a stronger flavour, or after 10 weeks for a stronger hit.

And the hits are always extremely strong with Royal Cheese. A pungent aroma with a long-lasting flavour, its high THC and CBD combine to deliver a thoroughly knockout mixture of stoned and high.

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cannabis seeds disclaimerPlease Note: In most countries, including the UK, it is legal to trade and possess Royal Cheese Feminised cannabis seeds. In many countries however, it is against the law to cultivate marijuana. We provide information on Royal Cheese Feminised cannabis seeds as a law-abiding service. We do not endorse the cultivation of Royal Cheese Feminised marijuana where it is illegal to do so. In jurisdictions where it is illegal to cultivate marijuana we provide growing information and advice purely for scientific and entertainment purposes. Please check your local laws before germinating Royal Cheese Feminised cannabis seeds.

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