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early skunk outdoor cannabis ukEarly Skunk is a fast growing and maturing Indica / Sativa hybrid that assures early harvests both indoors and outdoors.

Despite its rapid development, this strain still delivers a bountiful crop of potent great tasting smoke.

Early Skunk is one great strain for cooler climates like in the UK and Ireland ’cause it can do its business and be ready to harvest in the shorter growing seasons experienced in northern Europe.

It’s tough and strong – resistant to mould and fungus – and fast-growing. With a flowering time of only 8 – 9 weeks you can expect a harvest of around 400 to 500 grams of tasty resin-encrusted bud per plant.

THC levels are generally found to be in the 15% to 18% range for Early Skunk which means that it packs a serious punch and should be smoked with caution ;-).

Indica characteristics dominate, with a relaxing body stone, yet the Sativa influence gives it a gently buoyancy.

A super hybrid developed by Sensi Seeds from the famous Early Pearl and Skunk #1 Early Skunk is a serious contender for on of the most predictable and reliable marijuana strains to grow in northern climates.

Early Skunk is also well noted for producing great crops when grown indoors. Sensi Seeds say it’s their best all-rounder.

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Disclaimer: The trade and exchange of Early Skunk cannabis seeds is permitted in most countries, however, many countries still uphold prohibitions to the cultivation of Early Skunk seeds and other marijuana.

Check the legislation in your country before germinating Early Skunk seeds. We neither support nor condone the breaking of law in any form. We provide information on marijuana strains as a law-abiding service.