Master Kush

Master Kush seeds: a select strain of world famous Hindu Kush cannabis

master kush cannabis seedsMaster Kush is the child of great parents – two of the best varieties of the legendary Hindu Kush.

You may not be interested in the fact that it won the World Cannabis Cup two years in a row, but it’s good to know that this strain is pure smoking pleasure and top quality all around.

Known for its huge yields, delicious taste, and strong cerebral highs, Master Kush makes an excellent choice for indoor growing in the northern climes such as Ireland, UK, Holland, Norway, Canada; and a potential outdoor crop in lower latitudes such as France, Spain, Italy, USA, Australia.

With a consistent and predictable quality yield, Master Kush is a very popular strain among experienced growers.

An Indica/Sativa mix, it produces a strong but happy Sativa high. You can expect around 1 lb (450 grams) per square metre of grow space of high quality bud with a THC level of 15% – 20%.

Master Kush has an eight week flowering period and remains short and squat at around 50 cm height indoors (a fair bit taller outdoors), so ideal for small indoor grow spaces.

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FYI: there is an amazing hybrid cross between Master Kush and Super Skunk and it’s called Cheese.


master kush cannabis seeds disclaimerPlease Note: In most countries, including the UK, it is legal to trade and possess Master Kush seeds. In many countries, however, it is against the law to cultivate Master Kush marijuana.

We provide information on Master Kush cannabis seeds as a law-abiding service. We do not endorse the cultivation of Master Kush seeds where it is illegal to do so.

In jurisdictions where it is illegal to cultivate Master Kush marijuana we provide growing information and advice purely for scientific and entertainment purposes. Please check your local laws before germinating Master Kush cannabis seeds.