Growing Marijuana Outdoors: Site Selection

Selecting a suitable site for growing marijuana outdoors

grow marijuana outdoorsBefore you can plant your weed seeds you should look for a suitable site to raise your weed.There are quite a few factors to consider.


Away from prying eyes

First of all, the patch should be in a place where people aren’t likely to stumble upon it.

Prickly bushes, muck, pools and mountain sides are all people-deterrents. Cultivating near small pine trees also helps conceal your weed in the autumn when other plants are becoming brown and your green cannabis therefore stands out.


A sunny spot

Marijuana requires a lot of sunlight. Your garden site should have a minimum of three hours of direct sunshine every day. Weed will grow the fastest with about four and a half hours of sunshine each day. The less light the plant receives the slower the growth and the smaller the harvest.

If there is fewer than three and a half hours of direct light at the grow site then you can wrap reflective sheeting around the area of the plants to reflect sunshine onto the plants. In a shady area this will make a big difference.

purple power best outdoor strain uk

Purple Power: top outdoor strain for the British Isles

Keep in mind that weed also seems to respond better to morning sunshine than afternoon sunshine.


Suitable soil

The soil of your growing ground is important when deciding on where to grow marijuana outdoors. Weed likes a soil that drains easily and has a pH of about 6.5.

You can assess the soil texture this way – the soil should stick together when you compress it and break apart effortlessly when you poke it.

If the soil isn’t draining well, you can add sand, or perlite to help it drain.

As for the pH, well this is important because if the pH is too extreme then the plant won’t be able to absorb nutrients well. Low ph also causes more males to be produced.

If the soil pH is too low, it can be raised by adding hydrated lime. The lime is slow-acting so add it during the autumn or at least 4 weeks before you’re planning to sow your marijuana seeds. pH can be also be raised by adding sodium bicarbonate.

Even once you have found or created the perfect soil, don’t plant your precious marijuana seeds straight into it. Germinate the seeds at home first and then once they are small plants you can transplant them outside.



The level of water at the grow site is vital too. If the water level is too high and the earth is soaked then the cannabis roots won’t get enough oxygen and will wither. If the water level is too low then the earth will become parched too quickly and you’ll have to water very often.

dutch dope cannabis outdoor uk

Dutch Dope: another top choice for cool climates

If the ground is too wet then the weed should be raised in containers – the bigger the better. The container should have a 1 inch layer of sand at the bottom for good drainage. The remainder of the container should be filled with planting earth.

A source of fresh unpolluted water close to your growing site is also helpful. If there’s not much water nearby for watering then you can partly bury big water containers. They will then accumulate enough rainwater for watering.

Water your plants only in the daytime. Watering them late in the evening or after dark will increase the probability of creating a fungus problem.

However, it might be a good idea to bring water to the growing site at nighttime to avoid drawing attention to yourself. And best to leave any equipment hidden at the site, if possible.


Avoiding animal attacks

Many animals will eat young marijuana plants and if you don’t want your weed to be animal snacks then you have to do something to ward them off.

Human blood around the place can help. We don’t endorse ritual sacrifice, but you could collect your menstrual blood / ask your sister / girlfriend…. Might be easier to put up some kind of fence though.

durban poison cannabis seeds

Durban Poison – for outdoor growing up north

When the plants are small you can put a drinking glass can be put over them to retain moisture and keep marijuana munchers out.


So now you’ve got the right site to grow marijuana outdoors. But have you got the right marijuana seeds?

If you live in Canada or Northern Europe, such as the UK or Ireland, then you have to be careful when selecting the appropriate seeds to grow outdoors. Not all strains will thrive in these cooler, damper climates, however thankfully there are a good few that will do well.

Find them here with these links:

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Disclaimer: It is legal to buy, sell, give, receive and possess cannabis seeds in the UK. However, it is illegal to grow, harvest or sell marijuana in the UK. All references to how to grow marijuana outdoors are for information and entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse illegal activities in any shape or form. We provide information on buying cannabis seeds as a legitimate law-abiding service.