Green Haze x Thai Regular Seeds

A.C.E. Seeds Green Haze Thai Standard Marijuana Seeds

A.C.E. Seeds crossed their best Green Haze mother with a Meo Thai male to create this legendary pure Sativa hybrid.

Haze lovers will love Green Haze Thai. Thanks to the fresh Meo Thai genetics, Green Haze Thai is vigorous and robust, with decent resistance to mildew, spider mites and cold, and high resistance to botrytis fungus.

This isn’t a great bet for northern growers, however as Green Haze Thai is far easier to grow outdoors than indoors. Green Haze Thai can be grown successfully outdoors south of 35 deg. latitude. ACE Seeds recommend warm coastal climates, and using a greenhouse for the ripening phase.

It’s in tropical or subtropical climates that Green Haze Thai will come to its full potential, but in all cases ACE Seeds recommend medium-low nutrients and leaving the plants to their own devices in a rich guano and humus-rich soil.

Although Green Haze Thai is 16-18 weeks flowering, it is ready a full 2 weeks earlier than other Haze strains – harvestable in December in the northern hemisphere.

The yield is average yet Green Haze Thai is a incredibly powerful plant as the new Thai genes seem to only enhance the Haze experience.

The Green Haze Thai flavour is typical Sativa, with notes of wood and incense. And 100% Sativa, the Green Haze Thai high is pure Haze, psychedelic and introspective.

A real rarity. Enjoy it if you can.

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cannabis seeds disclaimerPlease Note: In most countries, including the UK, it is legal to trade and possess Green Haze Thai regular cannabis seeds. In many countries however, it is against the law to cultivateGreen Haze Thai marijuana. We provide information on Green Haze Thai regular cannabis seeds as a law-abiding service. We do not endorse the cultivation of Green Haze Thai regular marijuana where it is illegal to do so. In jurisdictions where it is illegal to cultivate marijuana we provide growing information and advice purely for scientific and entertainment purposes. Please check your local laws before germinating Green Haze Thai regular cannabis seeds.

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