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Dutch Passion Blueberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Dutch Passion’s Blueberry is the original Blueberry, famous for its fruity favours and blueish coloured leaves and buds. With Indica-dominant Hindu Kush genetics dating from the 70’s, Blueberry is still an Amsterdam coffee-shop favourite, and winner of numerous prizes over the years.

Dutch Passion’s Blueberry is a short bushy plant, staying well under a metre tall, with reddish colour foliage early on, giving way finally to a lavender blue. The blue hues are more pronounced in cooler outdoor temperatures, although you’ll still need a warm Mediterranean climate to grow Blueberry outdoors.

Blueberry is best for indoor growing, although she can be a tricky plant to grow – a “fussy feeder”, as Dutch Passion say – not the best plant for beginner growers. Easy to take cuttings from, though, if you’re looking to create a mother plant.

Blueberry’s flowering time is 8-10 weeks, and Blueberry develops thick stickily resinous buds, often forming large colas. The yield is medium – Blueberry is not a high producer generally – but people grow Blueberry year after year for the sheer quality of the taste and high. (Also, once dried, Blueberry keeps for a long time.)

What Blueberry is known for is its distinctive fruity fragrance and sweet blueberry taste, and incredibly long-lasting clear and euphoric high. At 19.5% THC, Blueberry is a strong strain, but one that’s incredibly pleasant to smoke.

A true cannabis classic.

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