When to plant cannabis outdoors? Answered.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about cannabis seeds and growing marijuana answered:


Q: Do all weed seeds sprout ?
A: With most common types of cannabis a minimum of 75% of the seeds sprout. The better brands as promoted on this website have 90%+ success rate. In other words, if you buy a packet of ten seeds then you should expect a least nine to be good (although usually all are viable seeds).

Q: How should one store weed seeds ?
A: Weed seeds should be kept dry, cool and in a dark place like the refrigerator.

Q: For how long do weed seeds stay good ?
A: Three  years is the general rule of thumb. After that the chance of germinating starts to decrease. Having said that, cannabis seeds found buried with Egyptian Pharaohs thousands of years ago still sprouted!

Q: When can I grow weed outdoors ?
A: In the UK & Ireland,  North Western Europe and British Columbia, when to plant cannabis outdoors is from early April to early June – sometime in May being preferred. In North Eastern Europe and Canada the third week of May (after frosts have lifted) is preferred.

Q:  When can I place my sprouts in the sun or under lamps ?
A: If the sprouts have two or more leaves, they are strong enough to enjoy direct sunlight or lamplight.

Q: When does the weed plant start to flower ?
A: The weed plant starts to flower when the days get shorter and the nights get longer (after June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere). When you grow weed plants indoors, 12 hour cycles of light and darkness will induce flowering.

Q: When should I start harvesting ?
A: When the female cannabis plant are mature – which can be observed by the colours of the flower hairs.  When 75% of the hairs have changed from white to orange the plant should be harvested.

Featured cannabis – Lowryder

when to plant cannabis outdoors - best strainLowryder plants are different from most marijuana plants in that they are auto-flowering, which means they flower just a few weeks after germinating, regardless of daylight and darkness ratios.

As to when to plant cannabis outdoors, well with Lowryder seeds, you can plant as soon as it’s mild enough, and keep planting until about 2 months before the end of the growing season.

Lowryder can be ready to harvest after 8 to 9 weeks, so they are great even for late planting.

Lowryder is possibly the easiest marijuana plant to grow outdoors anywhere. For more information on Lowryder seeds and to order, click here: Lowryder seeds