Top Indoor Feminised Seeds

northern lights indoor feminised seeds

Northern Lights Feminised

Using feminised seeds ensures that every seed you plant will grow into a sensimilla (seedless) female plant. What this means is that all of the plant’s energy will be put into seedless bud creation sticky with potent resin – in other words you get killer weed for less work.

With feminised seeds every plant you grow develops into a potent female. If you use regular seeds you can expect a loss of around 50% of your crop to males. It’s important to have them removed before they start to release pollen or your entire crop could become contaminated and spoiled.

That’s why using feminised seeds is always the safer bet. No worries, just plant, feed, and watch those big sticky buds develop until harvest time.

Feminised Seeds = Best Money Spent

Sure feminised seeds cost a little more but think of it as an investment – “for what you sow you will reap”.  Dollar for dollar (pound for pound / euro for euro),  feminised cannabis seeds represent the best investment for indoor marijuana growing.

Below are some of the top indoor cannabis strains in the world that are available as indoor feminised seeds.

White Widow

Blueberry Auto



Super Skunk

Big Bud

Northern Lights

Jock Horror



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