Master Kush X Skunk

Master Kush x Skunk cannabis seeds

master kush x skunk mar nice cannabis seedsA jewel in the crown of the Mr Nice cannabis seed bank, Master Kush x Skunk is a fast growing heavy yielding strain that is dependable and easy to grow either indoors or outside.

This robust hybrid with a generous contribution of hardy Afghani stock is an extremely fast mature with a record flowering time of 6 weeks making it an ideal strain to grow outside in higher latitudes as you can have to crop in, dried and enjoyed long before frost arrives and/or before the threat of mould attack arrives. It is also noted for its mould resistant properties.

It grows equally well indoors if that is your preferred method.

It’s taste and smell is like the award winning Master Kush, winner of many awards and recognized as true royalty in the cannabis breeders world.

The compact buds of this strain develop significant weight and it is often necessary to support the branches to avoid breakage as the buds grow larger and heavier.

A high yielding plant for its fast growth and maturity pattern you can expect 600 grams or more per plant of high THC content (18% +) delicious bud.

A strong and predictable strain, Master Kush x Skunk is a popular choice of professional growers and also makes a good cannabis seed strain for those just starting out in the business.

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master kush x skunk seeds


mr nice marijuana seedsDisclaimer: The trade and exchange of Master Kush x Skunk cannabis seeds is permitted in most countries, however, many countries still uphold prohibitions to the cultivation of marijuana.

Check the legislation in your country before germinating Master Kush x Skunk cannabis seeds. We neither support nor condone the breaking of law in any form. We provide information on marijuana strains and access to Mr Nice Seed Bank cannabis seeds as a law-abiding service.