Hawaii Skunk

hawaiian skunk cannabis seedsHawaiian Skunk is an original strain crossed with Skunk#1.  This makes this marijuana strain short and strong.

despite being a predominantly Sativa strain, Hawaii Skunk has very dense buds with coated in sticky potent resin.

That lovely skunk smell is still there I’m happy to say :-).

Can be grown indoors or outdoors in warmer climates (like Hawaii), Hawaii Skunk has an eleven week flowering period producing an average 400+ grams per plant of highly potent THC content dense buds (15% to 17%)

Growing to a modes 60 to 80 cm, Hawaii Skunk cannabis seeds make a perfect specialist indoor crop for the marijuana connoisseur. As with all top-grade Sativa marijuana, Hawaii Skunk produces a energetic cerebral high when smoked – great for partying or composing poems and music!

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Disclaimer: It is legal to buy, sell, give, receive and possess Hawaiian Skunk cannabis seeds in the UK. It is illegal to grow, harvest or sell marijuana in the UK. All references to marijuana growth and harvest are for information and entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse illegal activities in any shape or form. We sell Hawaiian Skunk cannabis seeds as a legitimate law abiding service.