Growing Marijuana Outdoors – The Growing Season

Part 5: The Growing Cycle of Cannabis / Marijuana

growing cannabis outdoorsThe plants is likely to be by now at this stage be well established. Add water when the soil feels without moisture approximately 8 centimeters under the growing medium. Spray gently with bug killer and re-apply after precipitation.

Fertilize the plants every three to four weeks. If the plants receive plenty sunshine and gets all the food and water they need, then it is most common for the plants to grow up to 5 centimeters a day. If tell-tale signs of insufficient nutrients show, get out the nutrient chart for causes and a solution. Be careful not to over fertilize.

The ph ought to be less than it was before planting. A lot of fertilizers lower the ph as they lose their nutrient value. If the PH is below 6.2 irrigate with wood ashes until the pH returns to 6.5.

As the marijuana ages its roots grow poorer at getting food to the mature plant. You should begin foliage feeding at this stage, i.e. applying nutrient solution directly onto the plant. Green growth receives food similar to roots.

If you do want to feed the leaves then decrease the fertilizer mix to half its potency. Get a good bottle with spray nozzle and put it to a mist like spray. Foliar feeding is to be performed after 5 am but before 10 am when the cannabis foliage stomas (pores) are receptive. Any later than this the stomas a.k.a. stomata (pores) might not be open any more. The cannabis foliage should be lightly sprayed with a nutrient solution. Do not drench the marijuana foliage. 24 hrs after foliage feeding the marijuana foliage should be misted with water to eliminate a surface film of traces of nutrients from the marijuana foliage.

Some trimming may also be required at this stage. Some trimming curtails branching out and helps to regulate the cannabis’ dimensions. Some trimming may not be useful for someĀ  varieties. OtherĀ  varieties concentrate increased growth in the centre and some pruning may also be required to concentrate on additional flower generating parts. Some trimming has shown itself to be a useful method for increasing bounty and maintains the marijuana inconspicuous and less easy to see. Trim with very sharp clean blades. Where you prune the branch 2 branches will start growing from that cut. Remember, never cut off more than 15 centimetres when trimming.