Early Misty cannabis seeds

Early Misty: early harvest for an outdoor grow

early misty seedsEarly Misty is close to White Widow but flowers faster, which makes it ideal if you want to get an early harvest in.

As one of the earliest harvesting outdoor marijuana plants, Early Misty is well suited for the British climate and Early Misty seeds are very popular among outdoor growers in the UK and Ireland.

Early Misty seeds grow into a dense single stem and remains compact and heavy with big potent buds.

Early Misty is about two thirds Indica, one third Sativa and has mainly Indica characteristics when smoked, i.e., a long deep body stone. It has a strong hash-like smell and flavour.

Early Misty details:

  • grows to approx. 70cm height indoors, up to 2 metres outside
  • 11%+ THC content
  • yields 400grams per square metre of growing space
  • end of September harvest
  • easy to grow in the UK and Ireland
  • can be grown indoors successfully

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Disclaimer: It is legal to buy, sell, give, receive and possess Early Misty seeds in the UK. However, it is illegal to grow, harvest or sell Early Misty marijuana in the UK.

All references to marijuana growth and harvest are for information and entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse illegal activities in any shape or form. We promote Early Misty cannabis seeds as a legitimate law-abiding service.