Containers for growing cannabis

containers for growing cannabisAfter you have made your soil, you will have to come up with some kind of pot to grow the weed in.

The containers for growing cannabis should be cleaned and sterilized as well, which is important if they have been used previously for growing other plants.

The container size has a lot to do with the rate of growth and final size of the plant.

Don’t transplant your plant more than once, because transplanting is a shock to weed and it’ stop the growth for a period.

The first plant pot should not larger than four inches in diameter and can be made of clay or plastic.

Ready the larger pot by filling it up with good soil and scooping out a hole about the size of the smaller plant’s pot.

Remove the small cannabis plant from the smaller pot and place it in the new bigger one with no disruption to the root ball.

Or you could use a Jiffy-Pot composed of compressed peat moss. It can be planted straight into damp soil. In time they disintegrate permitting the root system to penetrate their walls.

The second container must have at least 10 liters of soil. cannabis doesn’t like to have its roots cramped so the container should be big enough for your plant’s root network.

Smaller containers for growing cannabis ought to be ready to transplant into their final containers in about two weeks.

Monitor them in detail for the first two weeks to ensure they roots don’t get cramped.

Bound roots will effect the rest of the growth period and the cannabis will not achieve it’s optimum performance and yield.