Best soil for growing weed

Best soil for growing weed

soil for marijuanaAfter getting top quality seeds you should turn your attention to creating the best soil for growing weed.

Make sure you prepare the best soil available. Don’t cheap out on the soil. You will lose in the long run and live to regret it.

The fact is that unsterilised soil will almost certainly contain parasites. Don’t go down that road. Instead get good soil for sale at your local garden and bedding centre.

Get the soil that has these properties (or close to it for best results):

  • Make sure it drains well. Best stuff  has some sand in it and maybe also sponge rock or pearlite
  • Cannabis does not do well in acidic soil so the pH balance should be between 6.5 and 7.5. (If the soil is too acidic then the plant will tend to be predominantly male).
  • To help retain moisture and nutrients the soil should contain humous.

Here’s a good soil recipe:

2 litre moss with 1 litre sand and 1 litre pearlite to 20 litres of soil.

Make sure the pH balance is Ok with a litnus paper test or a testing kit found is speciality plant shops.

If you need to raise the pH balance add half a pound of lime to each 10 litres of soil and it should raise it by 1 point.

If you use earth from outside be sure to sterilize it before use. Moisten it and put in the oven at 250F / 130C for at least an hour. That should do it! Yes, it will smell a bit but hey, you’re a farmer now, it comes with the territory.

Now add one tablespoon of high nitrogen fertilizer, like Rapid-Gro, for every 10 litres and mix it up really well.

Or forget all that nonsense and buy some good soil in the first place.


Get good quality seeds

lowryder ganja dwarf fastest autoflowering

Lowryder – fastest flowering auto

Now there’s no point in going to all that trouble to create the best soil for growing weed (or spend all that money buying good soil) if you’re going to plant poor quality seeds.

Good cannabis seeds is another thing not to skimp on. Buy your seeds from good seed banks, even if it involves paying a bit more.

It doesn’t always cost more though, as seed banks like Nirvana Seeds in Amsterdam have very good prices as well as good quality seeds – most strains are only €20-25 (£15-20 / $25-30).

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is another excellent seed bank. Their prices are higher for some seeds but a good many of their regular seeds are only €20-25 (£15-20 / $25-30).

Both these seed banks also give away free seeds with most orders.

As well as buying good quality seeds, make sure you’re buying seeds suited to your growing set-up and area. If you’re growing indoors, keep space considerations in mind – if you only have a small area, don’t grow strains that get massive.

Lowryder is a great strain if you’re tight on space. As one of the fastest-flowering automatics, Lowryder also grows well in small outdoor spaces – balconies, small gardens etc.

Of course, if you’re growing outdoors then you need to grow strains suitable for your climate and conditions. This is more of an issue for growers in cool climates, like northern Europe, including the UK and Ireland, and Canada.

Strains that can be harvested quicker are best, for the shorter summers – autoflowering strains are perfect – and also strains that are hardy and resistant to pests and mould.

Here’s some links for good outdoors strains for us northerners:

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