Mr Nice Cannabis Seeds Bank

Growing killer weed with Mr Nice seeds is easy to do. All the strains are robust and predictable and can be grown indoors or outside. For the Mr Nice Seed Bank, only the best will do. You can plant these seeds with confidence.

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Howard Marks and Mr Nice Cannabis Seeds

Overseen by the famous and experienced cannabis botanist, Shantibaba, the Mr Nice cannabis seed bank involves a few famous marijuana botanists and marijuana appreciators with plenty of advice and support from the most well known marijuana smuggler from Wales, marijuana liberalization campaigner Mr Nice, real name – Howard Marks.

Combined you have a large body of knowledge and taste with regards to delivering many of the most mind-blowing weed genotypes available.

Many of the Mr Nice seed bank cannabis genotypes have gone on to win praise and trophies such as Black Widow, G13 Skunk, and Early Queen.

The raison d’etre behind Mr Nice Seed Bank was to preserve the great weed genotypes, and combine them to breed super weed genotypes and make them available to many places so that weed lovers would be able to enjoy the genetic mastery.

To facilitate this they grow all cannabis in hermetically sealed indoor grow rooms to avoid cross pollination of foreign pollen.

In other words if you use weed seeds from the Mr Nice Seed Bank you are getting the pure cannabis genotypes that delivers the harvests just as they were intended to.

You avoid unpleasant surprises with Mr Nice marijuana seeds. A predictable bounty of some of the best marijuana in the world is delivered every time.

All Mr Nice Seed Bank cannabis genotypes are strong and predictable and can be grown outdoors or indoors.

When it cones to the Mr Nice seed bank, only the best will do. One can utilize these weed seeds with confidence.