Top 10 Indoor Cannabis Seed Strains

These are the cannabis seeds strains that have voted to the top from grower feedback, surveys, polls, smoker feedback, and just plain experience!

Best Indoor Cannabis Strains

White Widow

white widow uk indoor cannabis seedsWhite Widow has been a long favourite of Amsterdam Coffee houses – and for a reason – it is simply an easy to grow potent marijuana and a great high when smoked.

Although a hardy Indica/Sativa hybrid, White Widow cannabis serves up a happy Sativa high and is a pot that is much in demand worldwide.

With a 25% THC content this stuff will get you soaring.

An average harvest bounty of 450+ grams per plant means that you’re looking at over 2,000 grams of killer bud after 8 weeks flowering cycle for 10 White Widow cannabis seeds – 0r double that for 10 White Widow feminized seeds.

If you know where to go you can get 10 White Widow seeds for as low as £21.49  from a good seed bank with fast delivery. Click on the link below for more info.

White Widow Indoor Cannabis Seeds

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Purple Bud

Purple Bud a potent and predictable ‘purple strain’ cannabis that grows rapidly and delivers the goods every time.

With a THC content of 20%, Purple Bud packs a punch but being a Sativa-dominant strain it will lift your to the heavens rather that thump you into the ground ;).

Purple Bud is a guaranteed pleaser, especially if your contemplating growing indoors for the first time. It can take the accidental knocks, neglect and abuse and still come out a winner.

Producing up to 400 grams of sweet fruity smelling bud per square metre of grow space it’s easy to see why this strain remains so popular even among seasoned growers.

A very affordable strain, 10 Purple Bud seeds can be purchase for £21.49

Link: Purple Bud cannabis seeds

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lowryder auto-flowering indoor uk cannabis seeds

Lowryder is most often used as an outdoor strain for “guerrilla growers” due to its small stature and easy concealment, this strain also has some excellent characteristics for the aspiring indoor grower.

As an auto-flowering Ruderalis strain, Lowryder, a.k.a. Ganja Dwarf, starts flowering not long after germination regardless of light/dark proportions. This means that Lowryder can be harvested again and again as it grows – almost indefinitely.

An ideal indoor strain for very small grow spaces, we’ve even heard of Lowryder being grown in indoor plant pots by a window with great success.

Lowryder makes the perfect indoor companion you can trim now and then for fun and a smooth smoke.

An Indica based strain, Lowryder bud produces the classic ‘body-buzz’ – perfect for chilling out and drifting on the sea of inner tranquillity.

As for price, you can get 10 pack of auto-flowering Lowryder seeds for £38.99

For a complete description of Lowryder marijuana including where best to order regular and feminized cannabis seeds click on the link below:

Lowryder indoor cannabis seeds

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cheese cannabis indoor ukCheese cannabis strain has gained a huge reputation for reliability and potency in indoor growing circles.

These Cheese indoor cannabis seeds have been bred from a cross of Super Skunk and Master Kush stains resulting in a vigorous hybrid that is sure to please even the most discerning grower and smoker.

A great strain for growing indoors – big harvests – great smoke. Flowering for an average 8 to 10 weeks, Cheese can deliver up to an amazing 700 grams of potent bud per square metre of growing space with a happy cerebral Sativa high.

When you take in all the characteristics of this super strain it’s easy to see why it one of the most popular indoor cannabis strains around.

Feminised Cheese seeds start at packs of 3 for £12.99

For a complete description of Cheese regular and feminized cannabis seeds including where best to order click on the link below:

Cheese indoor cannabis seeds

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Super Skunk

super skunk weedThe best strain of Skunk weed is the ‘super’ variety crossed with Afghan.

What you get is huge yields of strong smoking pot without any of the ‘heaviness’ associated with pure Afghani marijuana. Grows well indoors.

This F1 hybrid is known for its strength and power both in growth and effect when smoked.

As to cost, you can get packs of 10 Super Skunk seeds for £38.49

Super Skunk feminised seeds are also available in 5 packs for £25.22

For a complete description of Super Skunk marijuana including where best to order regular and feminized cannabis seeds click on the link below:

Super Skunk indoor cannabis seeds

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Big Bud

big bud cannabis uk What’s in a name? Well this is one marijuana strain that is aptly named. The buds on this baby grow and grow and grow – until you often have to support the branches so they don’t break from the weight!

9 weeks of flowering indoors will yield around 600 grams (per sq metre) of monster buds of a potent 15% THC content – a Indica / Sativa mix.

Big Bud is an easy and predictable marijuana strain that grows well indoors and outside.

Big Bud cannabis seeds are available in regular and feminised varieties, A 10 pack of Big Bud cannabis seeds will set you back £76.49

Big Bud feminised seeds are also available in 5 packs for £44.35

For a complete description of Big Bud marijuana including where best to order Big Bud regular and feminized cannabis seeds click on the link below:

Big Bud feminised cannabis seeds

(see also:  White Widow X Big Bud feminised seeds – 4 for £13.99)

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Northern Lights

northern lights cannabis uk indoor indicaNorthern Lights is a well known name in indoor cannabis cultivation circles.

It continues to win coveted awards like The Cannabis Cup – a strain that really delivers the goods :).

Famous for its huge central cola that grows into an enormous pole of thick, sweet smelling bud – a delight to see, touch, smell … and smoke :D.

Well known for its amazing Indica high that is deeply relaxing and almost narcotic-like which explains why it is sometimes used in medicinal applications.

A must-have for every true cannabis connoisseur!

Despite its huge reputation, the popularity of this strain keeps its seed prices very reasonable. You can pick up a 10 pack of Northern Lights seeds for only £21.49

For a complete description of Northern Lights marijuana including where best to order these magical seeds, click on the link below:

Northern Lights indoor cannabis seeds

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Auto Kush

auto-kush feminised auto-flowering ukWinner of numerous awards, Auto Kush is an auto-flowering cannabis strain to be reckoned with.

Known for its luscious taste and delightful highs, Auto Kush is a perennial favourite and high up on professional indoor growers wish list.

Remaining a low and dense plant, Auto Kush starts to develop buds shortly after its second or third leaf nodes develop. It keeps growing buds throughout its cycle till harvest time.

A top choice of the Kush varieties, is an excellent choice where grow space is at a minimum -stays bushy and small.

Yielding up to 800 grams of potent smoking bud per sq metre of growing space you really can’t go wrong with this predictable strain.

Seed to (final) harvest – 10 weeks.

Available in packs of 5 feminised Auto Kush seeds for £26.99

For a complete description of Auto Kush marijuana and how to order these seeds click on the link below:


see also: Top 10 auto-flowering strains (opens in another window)

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haze cannabis uk indoor seedsOriginating from Jamaica, Haze in the marijuana strain most associated with the Caribbean and Reggae culture.

Forming large central buds of high THC content (15% +) Haze produces an uplifting Sativa high when smoked inspiring you to dance, play music, or simple go with the flow.

A standard among experienced indoor growers, Haze takes a little more effort and attention that other indoor varieties featured in this list but is well worth it when harvest time comes ;-).

A pack of 10 Haze seeds can be had for £12.99

(This is a temporary ‘special’ price. I don’t know how long it’ll last but for now it’s the cheapest option for high grade indoor Sativa cannabis seeds anywhere.)

For a complete description of Haze marijuana including where best to order seeds click on the link below:

Haze cannabis seeds

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cannabis seeds ukDue to restrictive legislation, these seeds cannot be sent to the USA. If you are from the States and want a fast delivery of high grade cannabis seeds direct from Amsterdam click the link: Nirvana Seeds
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Disclaimer: It is legal to buy, sell, give, receive and possess cannabis seeds in the UK. It is illegal to grow, harvest or sell marijuana in the UK. All references to marijuana growth and harvest are for information and entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse illegal activities in any shape or form. We sell cannabis seeds as a legitimate law abiding service.

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