Medical Marijuana Strains

Medical Marijuana Strains

There are a wide range of views on the medical use of grass, yet many thousands of people swear using medical marijuana strains gives them help from uncomfortable and distressing symptoms and diseases.

These include (but are not limited to): relief from pain, muscle strain and cramps, stimulation of appetite, relief from nausea, as well as alleviation of stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

We’ve made a list of the most popular medical marijuana strains, listing the troubles they help fix and with advice on where to buy the seeds online.



ak 47 seedsAK 47 XTRM feminized seeds result from a cross of AK 47 with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ super-potent White Widow XTRM.

THC is high, at up to 24%, giving a Sativa-like high. However AK 47 XTRM is also very high in CBD, giving you powerful body relaxation.

You can grow indoors or outside, with a flowering time of just 8 weeks, and huge yields of 700g – 1kg per square metre of grow space (less for the autoflower version).

For more information and to order, click here (packs of 5 and 20 seeds also available):

Get 10 AK47 XTRM regular seeds for €50 (approx. £43 or $56)

ak 47 medical marijuana seedsGet 10 AK 47 XTRM feminized seeds for €108 (approx. £95 or $121)

ak 47 medical marijuana seedsGet 10 AK 47 XTRM auto-fem seeds for €81 (approx. £70 or $91)

ak 47 medical marijuana seeds


Jack Herer

jack herer medical cannabisIn memory of the much loved weed campaigner Jack-the-Flash Herer, Sensi Seeds bred this strain from high THC strains from equatorial America.

As well as being one of the most awarded strains in history, Jack Herer cannabis bears the distinction of being one of a few medical marijuana strains that is distributed by doctors for medicinal uses.

It is the optimal 50-50 blend of tropical Sativa and resiny Indica resulting in a bountiful harvest of dense high-THC buds. Jack Herer delivers a soaring, inspiring high when smoked, along with a profound body-buzz.

Good for chronic pain, headaches and migraines, and also relief from stress, anxiety, depression.

For more information and to order, click here:

Get 10 Jack Herer regular seeds for €163 (approx. £142)

jack herer medical marijuana seeds

Note: Sensi Seeds only deliver within the EU. To order seeds in the US or elsewhere, see Nirvana Seeds’ similar strain Jock Horror



medijuana medical marijuana strainsMedijuana is one of the strongest medical marijuana strains out there with 25% THC content, reckon Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

Medijuana is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a narcotic effect when smoked – seriously effective for pain relief.

Medijuana does well indoors, and is a high-yielder giving over 500g per square metre of grow space, and can be grown outdoors in warm climes.

Click here for more information and to order (packs of 5 and 20 seeds also available):

Get 10 Medijuana regular seeds for €50 (approx. £43 or $56)

medijuana medical marijuana seedsGet 10 Medijuana feminized seeds for €81 (approx. £70 or $91)

medijuana medical marijuana seeds


New York Power Diesel

new-york-power-diesel-seedsNew York Power Diesel is an F1 hybrid from Nirvana Seeds combining the qualities of Mexican Sativa and Aurora Indica.

Although considered a Sativa dominant strain New York Power Diesel imparts the almost narcotic-like buzz of Aurora Indica but in a more balanced and crisper fashion.

As medical marijuana strains go, New York Power Diesel is an all-around mood enhancer and has been reported to be effective for cases of insomnia.

Get 10 New York Power Diesel regular seeds for €25 / £20 / £30

new york power diesel medical seeds


Night Nurse

night nurse medical marijuanaAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds say Night Nurse is the best medical strain, bar none. It’s certainly potent enough with high THC and CBD levels ensuring you get a powerful relaxing body stone.

Night Nurse is reputed to help alleviate insomnia, anxiety, stress, headaches and chronic pain.

Night Nurse is one of the best medical marijuana strains for outdoor growing, where you can get truly massive yields.

Click here for more information and to order (packs of 5 and 20 seeds also available)

Get 10 Night Nurse feminized seeds for €117 (approx. £101 or $132)

night nurse medical marijuana seeds



O.G. Kush medical marijuana seedsFor a long time valued in California for its strong medicinal attributes, O.G Kush is increasing in popularity among medical users across the USA and Europe.

Smoking O.G. Kush gives a long euphoria with a deep relaxation, and is known to help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, migraine, amongst other things.

To make O.G. Kush even more powerful medicinally, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have now developed O.G. Kush XTRM (extreme). A tallish plant with richly resinous buds which grows well indoors or out. Yields aren’t huge at around 200g indoors, and O.G. Kush seeds are not cheap but they’re stable strain with a high THC content and will do the job.

For more information and to order, click here (packs of 5 and 20 seeds also available):

Get 10 OG Kush XTRM feminized seeds for €112.50 (approx. £97 or $126)

OG Kush feminized seedsSee also O.G. Kush autoflower by Nirvana Seeds


Snow White

snow white medical marijuanaNirvana Seeds created Snow White by crossing the famous White Widow with pure Indica genes.

(Note: White Widow is also often used for medical purposes, click here for more info: White Widow)

The result is an incredibly potent ‘White Indica’ that imparts a deeply relaxing narcotic effect when smoked.

Noted for its powerful pain relief properties, Snow White has become an indispensable medical marijuana herb for many.

For more information and to order, click here:

Get 10 Snow White regular seeds for €20 / £15 / $25

snow white medical marijuana seedsGet 5 Snow White feminized seeds for €25 / £20 / $30

snow white medical marijuana seeds


High CBD medical marijuana strains

CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol) are the main medically useful chemicals in medical marijuana. Both can relieve pain and inflammation and nausea, however CBD is known for its slight sedative effect, making it good for relieving stress and anxiety and for general physical and mental relaxation.

CBD is not psychoactive, like THC, and actually counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, meaning that high-CBD marijuana will give you less of a ‘high’.

The following CBD-rich strains have been developed specifically for medical use:

Durga Mata II CBD

durga mata II cbd medical cannabisDurga Mata II CBD has been developed by Paradise Seeds to have high CBD (8.5%) yet low THC levels (7%), giving you pain relief and relaxation without much of a high.

Durga Mata II CBD grows well indoors, particularly in Sea of Green set-ups, though it will do well outdoors even in northern Europe (including the UK) as it’s quite hardy and pest-resistant.

It’s a stable and reliable strain and easy to grow even if you’re new to growing.

Durga Mata II CBD will develop a hard resinous exotically-scented buds within a flowering period of just 8-9 weeks. It’s a high-yielder too, so all in all a good bang for your buck.

For more information and to order, click here (packs of 5 seeds also available):

Get 10 Durga Mata II CBD feminized seeds for €94.50  (approx. £82 or $106)

durga mata II CBD feminized seeds


Nebula II CBD

nebula II cbd medical marijuanaNebula II CBD is another strain by Paradise Seeds specially bred for medical use.

Nebula II CBD feminised has equal CBD and THC content (7% each), meaning that there’s little psychoactive effect in smoking or vaping it or even eating it.

Outdoors, it’s adaptable and will manage outside even in northern European climates due to its relatively short 9 week flowering period.

Nebula II CBD gives a good harvest too, producing large highly resinous and aromatic buds, with a fruity flavour – tasty to smoke or consume – with potent relaxing and pain-relieving benefits.

Click here for more information and to order (packs of 5 seeds also available):

Get 10 Nebula II CBD feminized seeds for €94.50 (approx. £82 or $106)

nebula II cbd feminized seeds


Supreme CBD Durban

supreme cbd durban medical cannabisSupreme CBD Durban is a cross of Nirvana Seeds’ CBD-rich strain Supreme CBD with an inbred line, Durban Poison.

A Sativa-dominant strain, Supreme CBD Durban has equal amounts of CBD and THC (8% each), giving powerful medical effects without a strong ‘high’.

Supreme CBD Durban is recommended for reducing pain and spasms, acting as an anti-convulsant for epileptics, and alleviating anxiety and stress.

Click here for more information and to order:

Get 5 Supreme CBD Durban feminized seeds for €35 / £30 / $40

supreme CBD durban feminized seeds


Supreme CBD Kush

supreme cbd kush medical cannabisAnother medical cannabis strain with equal CBD and THC (9.5%), Supreme CBD Kush is a cross of Haze and OG Kush and Supreme CBD.

Being rich in CBD, Supreme CBD Kush gives a profoundly physical body buzz, releasing tension and relaxing the body.

As such, Supreme CBD Kush helps with pain management, muscle spasms and tremors (including those associated with Parkinson’s disease and MS) and PMS cramps.

Get 5 Supreme CBD Kush feminized seeds for €35 / £30 / $40

supreme CBD kush feminized seeds


Top Seed Banks for Medical Marijuana

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Further information on medical marijuana

For general information on different types of medical marijuana, click here: about medical marijuana


Disclaimer: It is legal to buy, sell, give, receive and possess medical marijuana seeds in the UK. However, it is illegal to grow, harvest or sell marijuana in the UK.

All references to medical marijuana growth and harvest are for information and entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse illegal activities in any shape or form. We sell cannabis seeds as a legitimate law abiding service.