Fast Autoflowering Seed Strains

Only with Auto-flowering strains can you grow almost anywhere and still do a good harvest between 55 and 75 days after germinating the seed.

lowryder autoflowering indoorWhat’s auto-flowering cannabis and why is so popular?

Auto-flowering cannabis strains are different from most types of marijuana in that they begin to flower (produce buds) not long after germination and continue to do so throughout their life cycle.

(The original auto-flowering cannabis strains are called Ruderalis but they didn’t contain any psychoactive substances like THC so they were bred with potent Sativas and Indicas to make a whole new strain of cannabis – auto-flowering strains that will get you high!)

feminised autoflowering camnnabis seedsMost cannabis strains need equal spells of dark and light every 24 hours before they will begin to start budding. If the plants are exposed to more than 12 hours of light every 24 hours then they will continue to grow but not flower, or form buds. Bummer!

Not so with auto-flowering cannabis. These suckers will start to flower a few weeks after germination and continue to flower for their short but potent life cycle.

So if your growing in a room that can’t be kept completely dark for at least 12 ours a day you’ll want to get auto-flowering. Perfect for my buddy who grows under lights in his rec room.

autoflowering feminised indoor cannabis seedsSome auto-flowering cannabis strains are also fast to grow which makes a shorter wait for harvest time. This means you can be harvesting your crop in as little as two months after germinating the seeds.

Outdoors, this means you can plant and harvest two or three crops in a summer growing season.

Indoors it means you can have at least 5 crops from seed to harvest each year.

Now don’t expect huge 450+ gram harvests for each plant from these small but mighty strains. 30 to 120 grams harvested from each feminised auto-flowering seed is more likely. (For biggest harvests see auto-flowering Think Different below). If you want to harvest large quanities of high-grade marijuana every two months you’ll have to grow a dozen or more of these autoflowering strains at a time!

Below is a list of the best auto-flowering cannabis strains available to buy on-line in feminised seed form. Each strain below has been selected for the following qualities: speed, potency, effect, taste and popularity.

Top 3 Auto-flowering Feminised (Sativa-dominant)

(Sativa-dominant dope produces an uplifting, energetic cerebral high when smoked)

**These seeds cannot be sent to the USA. If you want high grade auto-flowering marijuana seeds sent to the States see: nirvanseeds/auto-flowering

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1. Auto Mass – seed to harvest in 70-75 days

auto mass autoflowering feminised cannabis seedsAuto Mass is a very rewarding strain that delivers a an average of 55 – 60 grams of great smoking bud per plant in 70 to 75 days after germination.

A top strain developed by Grass-O-Matics breeders, Auto Mass has been developed by fusing the award winning  Critical Mass of the Mr Nice fame with the most famous of all auto-flowering strains – Lowryder.

This fast growing strain reaches a height of 60 to 90 cm and develops firm buds throughout its central stem and branches.

Known for it fresh fruity aroma and generous size, Auto Mass has an tasty, some would say sweet, flavour when smoked.

With an THC content of estimated to be over 15%, Auto Mass is a potent herb that imparts energetic cerebral highs great for socializing and lifting up your spirits without rendering you comatose (unless you smoke too much ;)).

Like most auto-flowering strains, Auto Mass starts flowering after 3 weeks and continues for another 7 to 8 weeks. The last few weeks see an explosion of flowering just before harvest time.

Average harvest – 40 to 65 grams per plant.

Auto Mass in an all around winner guaranteed to please those who are looking to grow a stash of some awesome party pot in record time.

3 pack of Auto Mass autoflowering feminised seeds for £25.49

order button(packs of 5 & 10 seeds also available)

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2. Auto-AK47 – seed to harvest in 70-75 days

auto ak47 autoflowering feminised cannabis seedsAK47 is possibly one of the most celebrated and awarded strain in the cannabis world.

This strain is a successful cross between the Queen of auto-flowering RuderalisLowryder and AK47.

The result is Auto AK47 –  an autofloweringg strain that really delivers the goods in record time.

An extremely adaptable strain, Auto AK47 can grow virtually anywhere and reaches a height of around 60 to 70 cm.

After an initial spurt of growth for 3 weeks, Auto AK47 shifts into flowering producing large compact buds covered with a coat of glistening resin and a sweet, intoxicating aroma.

After another 7 to 8 weeks of intense flowering, Auto AK47 is ready to harvest with an average yield of 70 grams per plant (although this can be much higher given the right conditions).

From seed to harvest – 70 to 75 days.

The dried bud has a 14% to 15% THC content and imparts an uplifting but balanced high when smoked.

3 pack of Auto AK47 autoflowering feminised seeds for £25.49

order button(packs of 5 seeds also available)

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3. Auto Taiga – seed to harvest in 60-70 days

auto taiga autoflowering feminised cannabis seeds

Taiga is a top performing hybrid created by the Dutch Passion seed bank. It’s a fast-growing strain developed from inter-breeding auto-flowering Ruderalis/Indica and Power Plant.

Inheriting all the best qualities from Power Plant, (like great smell and large compact bud formation), Taiga is possibly one of the fastest auto-flowering strains available.

Despite its compact size (under 50 cm), Taiga is a surprising good yielder, delivering on the average harvest of 40 to 50 grams of great smoking weed per plant.

An easy to grow strain, Taiga weed is known for its uplifting highs and great taste – with a THC content between 12% to 15%.

With a 7 week flowering cycle, Taiga starts to flower less that 2 weeks after germination. A very short but vigorous life-cycle, auto-flowering Taiga can ready for harvest  within 8  to 10 weeks.

The perfect pot for impatient growers – like me ;).

3 pack of Taiga auto-flowering feminised seeds for £21.49

order button(packs 7 & 10 seeds also available)

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Top 2 Auto-flowering Feminised strains (Hybrids)

(Hybrid cannabis strains produce a balanced Sativa/Indica effect when smoked)

1. Think Different – seed to harvest in 60-65 days

think different auto-flowering feminised cannabis seedsThink Different is a high yielding, fast growing super strain known for its high potency smoke.

Developed by Dutch Passion by cross-breeding potent AK420 with the high yielding AK47.

Think Different delivers a record breaking 250 to 300 grams per plant in an incredibly short period – seed to harvest in 9 weeks, 60 to 65 days.

With an 18% THC content, this great tasting super strain is quickly becoming the most in-demand auto-flowering seed anywhere.

The finished product is 60% Sativa, 20% Indica, and 20% Ruderalis.

Warning: supplies often run out before a new batch of seeds is ready. Click the button below to see if Thnk Different seeds are currently available.

Pack of 3 Think Different auto-flowering feminised seeds for £25.49

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(packs of 7 seeds also available)

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2. Auto Lowryder #2 – seed to harvest in 65-70 days

auto lowryder autoflowering feminised cannabis seedsLowryder was the one of the first strains to be developed that infused the auto-flowering characteristics of the Ruderalis cannabis strain with psychoactive properties such as THC.

A perennial favourite, the original Lowryder has now been surpassed by Lowryder #2 – a cross between the original Lowryder and Santa Maria genetics developed by the well known cannabis breeding house The Joint Doctor, the original creator of the first Lowryder strain.

This new hybrid boast increased resin production, faster growth and larger yields.

The effect when smoked is spectacular soaring highs and exotic taste.

Lowryder #2 enters into its flowering cycle 3 weeks after germination and continues on for another 6 weeks resulting in a harvest approximately 9 weeks after first planting.

With a generous THC content of 15+%, and great uplifting effects when smoked, Lowryder #2 remains the most popular auto-flowering strain on the planet fro both indoor and outdoor growers.

Top-notch growers have claimed to harvest up to 200 grams of this awesome bud per plant which is spectacular considering its short stature (50 cm) and rapid growth/life cycle.

(Regular growers can expect close to 100 grams per plant.)

Always a favourite, Lowryder #2 is the most sought after autoflowering seeds strain anywhere.

3 pack of Lowryder#2 auto-flowering feminised seeds for £25.49

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Top 3 Auto-flowering Feminised (Indica-dominant)

(Indica-dominant dope produces a sedative, relaxing, chill-out body-buzz when smoked)

1. Auto Kush – seed to harvest in 70-75 days

auto-flowering kush feminised cannabis seedsA cross of Hindu Kush and Lowryder, Auto Kush develops dense resiny buds  throughout its short life cycle which lasts 10 weeks from seed to harvest.

Flowering starts after three weeks of growth and keeps on for another 7 weeks till harvest.

A robust strain, Auto Kush grows into a stout but dense bush some 50 to 60 cm in height.

With THC content over 15% Auto Kush allows you start experiencing almost narcotic-like deeply relaxing body-buzz of great Indica.

(Hence, Auto Kush is sometimes grown for medical.)

In good growing conditions these mighty midgets can deliver over 100 grams of this dense bud per plant.

Pack of 3 Auto Kush auto-flowering feminised seeds for £19.99

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(packs of 5 seeds also available)

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2. Pineapple Express – seed to harvest in 65-70 days

pineapple express weedPineapple Express autoflowering feminized is a potent Indica-dominant strain that produces awesome smelling bud in short time.

With a 12% to 15% THC content, Pineapple Express delivers a long last relaxing stone.

Pineapple Express is high-grade cannabis that is very rare and hard to get.

An extremely fast growing and flowering strain, Pineapple Express can be harvested in as little as 9 weeks after germinating delivering 15 to 30 grams of potent sweet smoking pot per plant.

It grows well indoors and outdoors. it’s possible to have two or even three crops of Pinapple Express in one growing season.

3 pack of Pineapple Express auto-flowering feminised seeds for £16.99

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(packs of 5 seeds also available)

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3. Green-O-Matic – seed to harvest in 55-60 days

green-o-matic autoflowering feminised cannabis seedsGreen-O-Matic is the fastest auto-flowering strain available with an estimated harvest date only 55 to 60 days after harvest!

That record time includes two weeks of vegetative growth before beginning to flower for 6 weeks.

This mainly Indica strain has been developed from Moroccan and Asian strains by the Greenhouse seed Company.

It has a sweet, spicy smell and the effect is a potent, fast-hitting, and long lasting stone when smoked.

The THC content is a substantial 15+% and it is reported to deliver 800 grams per square metre of grow space (say 85 to 90 grams per plant).

3 or 5 pack of Green-O-Matic auto-flowering feminised seeds for £15.49 / 21.99

order button(packs of 10 seeds also available)

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Single auto-flowering feminised seeds are also available, prices ranging between £4.79 to £9.25 each. To view click: Single Auto-flowering Seeds

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**These seeds cannot be sent to the USA. If you want high grade auto-flowering marijuana seeds sent to the States see: nirvanseeds/autoflowering

cannabis seeds disclaimerPlease Note: In most countries, including the UK, it is legal to trade and possess auto-flowering cannabis seeds. In many countries however, it is against the law to cultivate auto-flowering marijuana. We provide information on auto-flowering cannabis seeds as a law-abiding service. We do not endorse the cultivation of auto-flowering marijuana where it is illegal to do so. In jurisdictions where it is illegal to cultivate auto-flowering marijuana we provide growing information and advice purely for scientific and entertainment purposes. Please check you local laws before germinating auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

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single cannabis seedsShort on space? or just want to try out a strain? Get a high-grade single feminised seed for £2 and up – click here

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