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Best Cheese Strains UK

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blue cheese - best cheese seeds

Blue Cheese

Buddha Cheese - best cheese seeds

Big Buddha Cheese

cheese#1 seeds - best cheese seeds

Cheese #1

Cheese auto-flowering feminised seeds

Cheese Auto-fem

cheese cannabis seeds

Cheese Feminized

cheese tease seeds

Cheese Tease

Cheese Wreck seeds

Cheese Wreck

Exodus Cheese seeds

Exodus Cheese

original cheese seeds

Original Cheese (IBL)


Cheese cannabis: why it’s the UK’s favourite indoor strain

For many UK growers and smokers, the most popular cannabis strain for indoor growing is Cheese cannabis. The reason for this? The strong, long-lasting and Indica-like smell and taste of Cheese marijuana is just like an old-fashioned quality cheese 🙂

As well as smelling good, Cheese marijuana feels good, providing a strong but balanced effect with a good body-buzz in addition to a cerebral high.

This is because Cheese cannabis contains a good amount of CBD (Cannabidiol) which mellows the level of THC found in the buds (CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC).

Cheese cannabis can be grown indoors or outside below about 40 degrees latitude. It’s a predictable producer, giving an abundance of dense buds, a characteristic of its Skunk#1 influence.

Enjoying an 8 week flowering cycle and heavy yields, Cheese cannabis is highly regarded in coffeeshop toking culture in Amsterdam and was awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup.

In the 90‘s, Cheese marijuana developed into a focal point for indoor cannabis growing projects which was to a degree tolerated by local police and which produced a cannabis strain which is now the most popular cannabis strain in the United Kingdom.



So which are the best Cheese seeds?

All the Cheese seeds above come from Europe’s top seed banks where quality seeds are guaranteed. So in that sense, they’re all the best Cheese seeds.

However, which Cheese strains are the best Cheese seeds for you depends on your preferences and your aims in growing.

For strength, Cheese Wreck is a good one to go for, being a combination of the highly potent Train Wreck and Cheese. Amsterdam Marijuana SeedsCheese and Cheese Feminized are possibly the strongest though, at 21% THC.

Flavour-wise, Cheese Tease has a more Skunky than Cheesy flavour – good for Skunk lovers who just want a tang of Cheese without being overpowered.

If you’re a Cheese purist though then the best Cheese seeds are from Paradise Seeds: Original Cheese, bred from an original UK Cheese clone.

As for harvests, in general all Cheese marijuana is classified as a commercial variety as it’s high-yielding. Cheese strains like Big Buddha Cheese or Cheese Tease are the best Cheese seeds for you if bumper harvests are your priority.

For speed, Cheese Auto-fem seeds are the best Cheese seeds. You can be harvesting within two months with these ones.

Cheese Auto seeds are also the best Cheese seeds if you’re trying to grow outdoors in northern Europe (e.g., the UK). Since they flower quickly, you can get in an early harvest.

Most Cheese seeds mature fairly fast though and are hardy enough to grow outdoors, even up north. Although, for a safe bet, grow them indoors in the cooler climates – they will still give you huge harvests.

Since Cheese strains tend to stay fairly squat and compact, Cheese seeds are also the best seeds for small indoor grow operations where some great tasting smoking bud for personal use is the goal.

In short, Cheese cannabis is enduringly popular because of its ease of growing, its great flavour and smell, its potency and the general powerful but balanced effects it produces when smoked :D.

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