Cannabis Seeds for Growing Outdoors England

Best Cannabis Seed Stains suitable for outdoors in England

growing cannabis outdoorsEngland has cool and damp summers which make most types of marijuana unsuitable to grow outdoors.

Nevertheless there are a number of cannabis seed varieties that are ideally suited for growing outdoors in England.

These types best suited not only grow easily and well outdoors in England but also yield some of the most profitable harvests of potent bud.

With the top 6 strains listed below there should be no worries about growing in the typical English climate, provided due diligence is provided of course.

The 6 best cannabis seed strains suited to grow outdoors in England:

1. Purple Power

purple power cannabis seeds

Purple Power is  a cross between  Dutch Dope and Super Skunk.

The buds start to turn purple.

Best of all, this strain is ideally suited the cool climate of England outdoors. It is also a very stable and predictable strain

It can also be grown  indoors.

Purple Power grows to approx. 1 M in height making it easy to conceal from potential thieves.

Each plant yields around 1 lb (450+ grams) of high grade bud.

Only 8 weeks of flowering and can be harvested in September.

In detail:

  • easy grower
  • early harvest
  • suited for the outdoor English climate
  • super high THC content 15 – 20%
  • big yields with a potent Sativa soaring cerebral high

– – –

Purple Power is the top selection for growing outdoors in England

10 Purple Power cannabis seeds for £30 (€35) will produce in the range of 2,250 grams, or (£22,500 worth) of top quality bud (5 successful female mature plants).

For more information on Purple Power cannabis seeds, how to order and get 20 free seedsCLICK HERE


2. Early Queen


early queen outdoor cannabis englandEarly Queen is a fast growing potant strain thet matures quickly making it suitavble for outdoor growth in the UK.

This is a Indica / Sativa cross breed and a fast grower for an early harvest.Flowering lasts  8 to 9 weeks  Early Queen can be harvested and dried for smoking in mid-September.

The smoke results in a super cerebral high characteristic of Sativia marijuana. With a crop of over over 500 grams per plant, Early Queen this makes a great choice for growing outdoors.

Early Queen grows just under 1 M in height (50 – 80 cm) but provides a huge harvest with buds containing a potent 10% – 15% THC content.

It’s not only easy to grow but has high mold resistance – a very useful feature for growing outdoors in England.

Best points:

  • easy growing outside in England (mold resistant)
  • super potent buds up to 15% THC content
  • low growth for good concealment outdoors
  • fast growing and early harvest around mid-September

For more information on Early Queen cannabis seeds and to order CLICK HERE


3. Diamond Girl

early misty cannabis seeds

Diamond Girl is like to White Widow but grows faster for an earlier harvest.

It has a tasty hash – like aroma – characteristic of its Indica heritage.

One of the earliest harvesting outdoor marijuana plants suited for the climate of England, Diamond Girl makes a good choice for growing outdoors

Diamond Girl grows in a dense single stem and remains short but thick with potent bud.

Diamond Girl is a Sativia / Indica mix and results in a heavy ‘body buzz’ high.

It only grows to about 70 cm in height but yields around 400 grams of bud per plant.

  • well suited for the English outdoors
  • low growing height for difficult detection
  • high THC content around 15%
  • fast growing and early harvest in September

Early Misty is an easy plant to grow outdoors with minimum complications.

For more information on Diamond Girl cannabis seeds and to order CLICK HERE


4. Big Bud

big bud cannabis seeds

Big Bud has a huge reputation for big harvests and strong smoking pot

Big Bud develops huge buds with few leaves in comparison.

Big Bud stays on top – producing more smoking bud than any other plant for space.

It offers a strong high and a smooth smoke – ‘stoney’ and high.

Big Bud is an Indica and Sativia mix and can be grown outdoors or indoors. It only grows around 1/2 meter in height but can yield over 600 grams per square plant. It has a 9 week flowering time and is harvested at the end of October.

It is a relatively easy grower but in England you must safeguard against mold attack in October before harvest.

  • moderately easy to grow
  • branches often need extra supports as the buds grow to enormous size and weight
  • super potent smoke – up to 15% THC content
  • reasonable growth rate – October harvest
  • stays low down (50 – 60 cm) for difficult detection outdoors

For more information on Big Bud cannabis seeds and to order CLICK HERE


5. Hollands Hope

dutch dope cannabis seeds

Created in Holland for the west coast of Europe including the England. Hollands Hope is a cross-breed between Sativia from California and Super Skunk that gives it an Indica appearance.

Buds develop a golden-green color when ready for harvesting.

Hollands Hope is a very stable hybrid with predictable outcomes. It results in a Satvia high but not without elements of Indica body buzz about.

Flowering over 8 weeks it can be harvested near the end of September. Its potent buds contain a high 15% THC content.

Hollands Hope grows under 1 meter (80 – 90 cm) and produces over 450+ grams of potent bud per plant. It’s easy to grow and makes an great choice for outdoor growing in England.

Best points:

  • easy to grow in England
  • potent buds up to 15% THC content and good high
  • timely harvest in September
  • under 1 meter for difficult detection outdoors
  • very stable and predictable hybrid

For more information on Hollands Hope cannabis seeds and to order CLICK HERE


6. First Lady

first girl cannabis seeds

First Lady (aka Early Girl) is a very fast growing marijuana with early harvests.

If you don’t like waiting, these are the cannabis seeds for you.

First Lady has been developed for outdoor cultivation in England and similar climates.

It can be grown indoors as well.

It grows quickly early in the season and develops large buds.

First Lady smoking characteristics are hash-like Indica with a heavy body buzz. THC content comes in around 15%.

It’s short plant ranging between 30 to 50 cm tall  which makes it easier to conceal outdoors. A generous yield of around 350 gr (3/4 of a pound per plant).

This is an easy to grow, small, squat plant with a good harvest in September of very strong weed.

If you want to try in growing cannabis outdoors in England First Lady makes a great choice and almost guaranteed success.

Best points:

  • fast grower – early harvest
  • easy to grow – suited for outdoors England
  • high THC content – 15%
  • very short for hard outdoor detection

For more information on First Girl cannabis seeds and to order CLICK HERE


7. Lowryder – Small Plant – Big Reputation

lowryder automatic weed

Lowryder is a very special kind of cannabis strain from all the others and could have a page all of it’s own.

Lowryder is an easy strain to grow with strong chance of success if growing outdoors in England or elsewhere.

As an auto-flowering strain, it begins to bud right after germination no matter of the time of year and daylight hours.

It keeps on budding for 6 to 7 weeks and can be ready for harvest after 8 weeks.

This is the marijuana of choice for the who hate to wait. ;) .

It stays an extremely compact and out of sight only growing to  heights of 30 to 50 cm. Lowryder produces approx. Lowryder buds have a 15% THC content.

Small and hard to spot, Lowryder grows fast. It’s sometimes called the “guerrilla grower’s cannabis seeds”.

Each plant will yields around 150 grams of good tasty smoking Indica bud producing a stoney body-buzz. Chill out with Lowryder.

Lowryder one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow anywhere.

For more information on Lowryder cannabis seeds, how to order regular or feminized Lowryder seeds including 20 free seedsCLICK HERE

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see also: Fastest Auto-flowering Strains


Disclaimer: It is legal to buy, sell, give, receive and possess cannabis seeds in the UK. It is illegal to grow, harvest or sell marijuana in the UK. All references to marijuana growth and harvest are for information and entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse illegal activities in any shape or form. We sell cannabis seeds as a legitimate law abiding service.

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